True Form Fitness

True Form Fitness, LLC, owned by Monika Rickhter, is conveniently located at 15836 2d Street in Hayward, WI. Monika was born in Germany and in her early adult life earned a degree in hotel management. She met her husband, Rick, in a dance club in Germany where both loved to spend weekends dancing and listening to music. Rick was in the military at the time. They married and began raising a family; it wasn’t long before she realized she wanted a different career where she could determine her own hours which would allow her a balance with her young family. They returned to the United States and lived in Colorado Springs, CO, and Lakewoods, WA. They eventually moved to Bloomington, MN, where she became a personal trainer in 1992. It was here that she found that she could raise her children and work the hours that were best for her family. 

In 2004 they moved to Hayward to be with Rick’s family and it was here that Monika created True Form Fitness, a training center specifically for women. She shared a building that also hosted Curves Fitness on Hwy 27. In 2014, Monika brought her business to Main Street. The location is perfect for a small training studio; bright and cheery. The convenience of being on Main Street allows customers to get fit, eat out, get a massage and/or go shopping all in one visit downtown. Her customers love it. Monika loves the facility not only for its convenience, but for its big open storefront windows. It’s welcoming for passers-by and perfect to display her products and show off her gym. 700 square feet may not sound big, but it is perfect for her clientele and sub-contractor employees.

The gym offers toning classes and personal training services along with a line of weight loss products. Monika is a TLS Certified Nutritionist for the line of isotonic vitamins, protein drinks, and weight-loss goods, and she can answer any questions if you find yourself interested in the product line. Nina and Donna assist Monika by offering 45-minute toning classes on Tuesdays/Thursdays at 9:30am and 1pm. During the 2020 pandemic period, they are open to customers by appointment. If you can’t make it in for a class, don’t worry – Nina is currently offering free LIVE FB classes to help you stay fit. Recorded versions of those classes can be found on their FB page. Fees to join any of the programs are monthly and will depend on your frequency of visits.

Monika has long maintained a healthy lifestyle. In 2007 and 2008, she entered a Figure Competition in Bloomington, MN and took 1st and 2nd place, respectively. These days you usually find her golfing or taking time with Rick to hike or ride bikes if she’s not inside enjoying her books and music. Yes, dancing remains a favorite along with her cat, Cyrus. Rick and Monika have two daughters, and as for family living here in Hayward, that includes Rick’s sister and his mother.

The crew at True Form Fitness want to emphasize that they specialize in making you feel comfortable. It doesn’t matter what level of fitness you start at; they will develop a plan to help you build upon to create a healthier new you. Customers of the gym are more than just clients – they become family. If you venture in to join them, you’ll soon feel at ease and keep coming back. The oldest client at the studio is 82 years, boasting a healthy and active fitness level anyone could be proud of. For more information, call them at 715.699.5442, visit their website at or follow them on FB.