Ronnings of Hayward, Inc.

Jan and Martin Hanzlik are the proud owners of Ronnings of Hayward, Inc. located at 10573 Main Street, Hayward, WI. This iconic downtown store has been in business at this location since 1983 when Jan’s parents expanded an already successful business that had been running in International Falls. They built their retail shop at the location previously known as the Hayward Liquor Store.  Hayward didn’t disappoint! The community and customers embraced the store and its product for generations to come.

A trademark brand they brought in from its inception is LazyOne – they’ve carried the line since the first sales rep started marketing it. You’ll recognize the moose and Northwoods themes as soon as you walk in the door. At Ronnings you’ll find a variety of favorites -- t-shirts, socks, pajamas, loungewear, and their hallmark line of sweatshirts. Minnetonka Moccasins are another traditional brand in the store and over the years they’ve added a variety of giftware lines with Clay in Motion handwarmer mugs being among them. The high quality and durability bring customers back year after year, and Ronnings can now boast that they’ve come to know 4th-generation family members of many regulars. Many of their customers were babies when they first opened the store.

They and their staff take pride in offering excellent customer service. Pleasing people and helping them make choices is their mainstay and has allowed them to successfully thrive for the past 37 years. Two years ago, Jan and Marty hired Jan Snider as manager of the store and feel confident that all is left in good hands when they are not on site. Jan S does an amazing job with their FB videos so be sure to follow their page.

Follow them on Facebook (Ronnings of Hayward). They are open seven days a week in the summer. Hours are reduced during fall and winter months, but can be reached for a personal shopping experience by appointment, if you give them a call. Now that’s customer service! And hey, if you want to work with a great team, let them know.